Thai Inspired Low Carb Salad


This salad makes a great dinner, is easy and quick to make and isn’t expensive.

You will need the following ingredients:

250g Whole Uncooked, Unpeeled Prawns

50g Watercress Salad

2 Chili Peppers

2/3 Garlic Cloves

Fresh Parsley

Fresh Coriander

Fresh Basil

20 g Cashew Nuts

1 tsp. Sesame Seeds

15 ml Toasted Sesame Oil

1/2 tbsp. Coconut Oil

Black Pepper

Pink Himalayan Salt


Put watercress in bowl. Peel prawns, do not remove tails. Cut chilli peppers in quarters, garlic in small slices. Chop parsley, coriander and basil.

Heat two frying pans – one larger for prawns and one smaller for cashew nuts. Put half a spoon coconut oil in bigger pan, wait until oil is heated. Add prawns, chilli peppers and garlic. Fry for about 3 minutes. Add pepper and salt.
Heat up the smaller pan and add cashew nuts once pan is hot. Roast until nuts turn golden brown.

Add prawns to salad. Top with cashews, parsley, basil and coriander. Sprinkle sesame seeds, add some sesame oil.

Nutrition facts

Protein 47.5g

Carbs 10g

Fat 33.8g

Fiber 2g

Calories 561



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