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London Based Personal Trainer

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It's not about living to train, it's about training to live better

I have been passionate about fitness and well-being for more than two decades; karate training from the age of 8 (and subsequent training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing) has led me to an ever-deepening understanding of healthy living and fitness.

At the core of all these disciplines is the importance of living, eating and moving better, and it is this fundamental element that has drawn me to working in the world of fitness. I believe that they are as - if not more - important than the current conventional approaches to fitness. Helping your body to move better is the key to unlocking your fitness and well-being potential.

Having taught Karate to children and adults for over ten years, the importance of being active and agile for people of every age is ingrained in my ethos. The human body is designed to be active; it doesn't thrive if we are sedentary.

Having achieved my Level 3 certification in Personal Training, I feel more able than ever to make a real difference to each and every client.

When I am not in the gym and dojo or working with clients, I work as a freelance journalist, specialising in columns and features about health, fitness and nutrition. My own personal regimes have allowed me to pursue a successful career as a fashion and fitness model, with appearances in publications including Men's Fitness and Men's Health magazines (even covers!). My personal mantra of combining aesthetic goals with staying healthy and moving better has impacted on every facet of my life. It can do the same for you too!

I have an abiding passion for what I do, and am driven by a genuine desire to help people to achieve their fitness and healthy living goals. I believe in the uniqueness of each client's needs and aims, devising bespoke programmes, and bringing the same level of commitment to them as I do my own training.

Whether you're someone looking to build muscle or adopt a healthier lifestyle, have a look at what services I offer that could help you reach your goals.

I am also engaged as a Performance Coach at The Workshop Gymnasium, home to an elite team of Health and Fitness professionals, located in the prestigious Bulgari Hotel in London's Knightsbridge. Apart from that I’m also part of Anna Lewandowska’s team. Anna is one of Poland’s most famous fitness trainers and nutritional specialist, taking care of the nutrition programmes of famous sports people, including her husband Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski.


Putting your plan into action

As a client, your personal goals are at the very centre of everything we'll do together.

Whether you want to lose or manage weight, build muscle, get stronger, faster, healthier, run longer, kick & punch better or simply address your stress levels - I'm here to help. In our training we won't just focus on lifting heavier or losing weight. My primary goal is to help you move better and improve both your strength and the quality of your movement. Because moving better, becoming healthier and improving your quality of life is ultimately what fitness is all about.

London-based, I'm pleased to work with you in the gym or at your home/office, and online training is an option too - contact me for further details. A free initial consultation will help me to understand your goals, discuss your training history and talk about your health. We'll both finish the consultation with a clearer image of how to achieve your goals.

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Adding a little discipline to your fitness programme

Karate can work for you on so many levels. Boosting physical performance, building self-esteem and self-confidence, improving personal discipline, enhancing physical and mental health, self defence and general fitness are all key elements of the process.

Karate training incorporates an array of elements; pad-work, body weight exercises, strength, speed, plyometrics ("jump training"), flexibility, mobility and much more. I am pleased to offer private Karate classes for children and adults as well as for small groups and corporate classes.

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Artur is humble, teaches with enthusiasm, and has an instinct for adapting to each student’s learning style, serving as a great role model...
- Avi Rokah
He is a first class and committed trainer, whose personable approach will make any client feel lucky to have him in their corner.
- Martin Rischka
...our kids team was able to win numerous tournaments and prizes, for example the "National Championship of Austria", due to his qualified and intensive tutoring.
- Alexander Lampl.

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